Dr. Michael Rheinnecker

CEO/Managing Director

Dr. Rheinnecker holds a BSc in microbiology from the University of Kent (UK) and a PhD from the University of Cambridge (UK). He brings to CYSAL over 20 years of management experience in R&D, venture capital, and business development. He joined CYSAL in January 2017. Prior to that he was managing director and country manager of the PNO Consultants GmbH.

Dr. Ahmed Sallam

Founder/Managing Director

Dr. Sallam holds a BSc in veterinary medical sciences and a doctorate in biotechnology from the University of Münster. He has researched the biotechnological production of dipeptides for over a decade and has authored numerous scientific articles on the topic. He is also the inventor of CYSAL’s IP-protected production process and has laid the groundwork for the foundation of CYSAL supported by the German EXIST founder programme. In 2012 he co-founded CYSAL with Dr. Martin Krehenbrink.

Dr. Martin Krehenbrink

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Krehenbrink holds a doctorate from the John Innes Centre in Norwich, UK. He then worked on bacterial protein secretion at the Institut Pasteur in Paris before returning to the UK to take a research position at the University of Oxford. His areas of expertise are both the basic and the applied aspects of microbial physiology and metabolism and the production of proteins and small molecules at a technical scale.



Advisory board

Prof. Alexander Steinbüchel


Prof. Alexander Steinbüchel is an international leader in biopolymers and applied bacterial metabolism and has been Chair of Microbiology and director of the Institute for Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Münster since 1994. Together with Prof. Schlegel and Prof Gottschalk, he was awarded the Philip Morris research prize for his work on biodegradable thermoplastic polyesters. His research translates the fundamental insights gained from the study of bacterial physiology, biochemistry, and genetics into improving existing technologies and establishing novel polymers, compounds, and biotechnological processes. Prof. Steinbüchel has contributed more than 410 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and is Editor-in-Chief of the journals Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology and AMB Express. He is also an active member of the editorial boards of many journals, and he has published the 10-volume book series Biopolymers and is currently publishing the book series Microbiology Monographs.

Cysal’s dipeptide technology was developed in the laboratory of Prof. Steinbüchel, who is now actively supporting Cysal further as scientific advisory board member.